sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2007

Highway to hell

Hey guys, what's up? ...
You think that I have forgotten you, didn't you? Well you think wrong, the reason for my days of non posting was because I have a lot of study to do. (yeah right)

It's true I swear it, but besides that I was making my "agenda" , well actually it's my "party agenda" , I bet that you haven't listen about that, I bet that you think that going to party was all about spending randomly some money, but it is not, There's a whole world behind that.

For example, You have to know how much partys are you going to have during a period of time (to me it's like a year I think) , So you that you can know how much money you can spent in every single one, then you have to gather the group of friends that will join you, and you have to pick the right dates to do it, and so on. So as you can see it's not all about just saying let's party! you have to take all the things in count, so you can find the Highway to hell baby!.

There's a bunch of things that I want to talk about but I think that I will leave them for another day. If you want to know more about the organization of your partys just let me know and I will tell my party organization adviser, Jorge Estrada 1 , lol, George you're the man! , and Ramon , and Nate of course, So all see you all party lovers later.... in the mean time... Party on!

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007

A crossroad

Hey you guys, What's up?

I'm in guaymas, my hometown, I arraived today in the morning and the first thing I see it's that I don't have internet, and I was like: Wow wow How am I suposse to write in my blog if I don't have internet, damn!. So I have to came to the cybercoffe, that's how we call it here in mexico to the bussines that have a lot of computers and you pay for using them, I personally hate those places, for example right now I have the owner who is a really big woman and he's talking to her employee and she's really talking a lot of nonsense and it's really pissing me off!!!! but well, I'll try to chill out.

The main thing that i'm writing for it's beacuse I'm thinking of taking the TOEFL test, because I want to go to canada for a period (semester) but I'm a little bit nerveous about my grammar and that stuff.
I just find out that a friend of mine went out to canada with 8.3 in the cardex, that would be like mmm B- or something like that :S
and the last semester I went to ask and they told me that I have to have (i'm not sure if that's ok) 9.0 in my cardex that would be like an A- I think, but the difference it's that she already have the TOEFL test pass , so that's why I'm trying to save the money it costs around 150 us dlls and that's a lot of money for me, so what do you think? should I take the test? leave your opinion please it's importante to me, well I have to go now the big lady it's driving me nuts...

take care and part on! I'm not gonna post in spanish because two main reasons:
1.- The big lady it's driving me nuts
2.- She 's gonna close now.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2007

So what about nes?

Hello to everyone, first of all for those who hasn't read all the posts (as if were many lol) I'll try to write in two lenguages, english- spanish, you can also write in spanish or english.

So today I'm gonna talk about something most of you guys(men) will love, the super allmigthy nes games, who doesn't love those cute little pixels running around our screen haha how geek that sounds but it's nothing but the true. Todya I was in school playing and I thought: "men this is a difficult game" (note: I was playing The adventures of link) so I was in the first dungeon and I couldn't beat a fuckin knight (sorry about the word) but anyway, those were two really fun hours for me, eventually I kill the #"#$ knight =) and finish the dungeon, but that's not the point the point is that you never underestimate the fun that an 8 bit game could provide you :)

What else can I talk about oh yeah, I don't have money, I don't know how did I survive this long without money,it was an adventure but I think that I'll talk about that later ....
In the mean time Party on!


Si yase que flojera escribir en dos idiomas pero es divertido y practicas mucho :)

bueno ahora les comentare acerca de algo que la mayoria de los hombres adoran ... Los juegos de nes; quien no adora esos pequeños monitos pixeleados corriendo por la pantalla jajajaja que ñoño se oyo eso pero es la mera verdad. Ahora estaba jugando al zelda 2 (the adventures of link) no podia salir del primer pinche nivel jajajaja me mataba un caballero anaranjado maldito... al final lo mate pero psss esas fueron dos horas de mi vida muy divertidas, luego al rato ya llegaron el cesar, el ramon y el jorge y seguimos jugando y jugamos al mario 3 :D a webo que rifa ese juego jajaja y psss la neta si stan mas dificiles que estos juegos de oi en dia ....
sale pues ahi nos vemos mañana si se puede

Party on!

p.d. algunas de las cosas que escribo en español no las escribo en ingles no crean que por que no lo puedo traducir si no que ammm la neta me da weba escribir lo mismo dos veces jajajaj asi que si quieren saber dice en la parte de ingles poss leanle flojos jajaja xD

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2007

Hello to everyone

So what's up, I'm here starting up with my blog, even tho I'm a mexican boy well actually more man than a boy but anyway just saying hi and hoping that a lot of people around the world can take the time to read all of my nonsense posts =)

Que paso raza aqui nomas empezando mi blog para que raza de todas partes pueda ver los malviajes que me pongo :D jajaja

sale pues raienle bonito