sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007

A crossroad

Hey you guys, What's up?

I'm in guaymas, my hometown, I arraived today in the morning and the first thing I see it's that I don't have internet, and I was like: Wow wow How am I suposse to write in my blog if I don't have internet, damn!. So I have to came to the cybercoffe, that's how we call it here in mexico to the bussines that have a lot of computers and you pay for using them, I personally hate those places, for example right now I have the owner who is a really big woman and he's talking to her employee and she's really talking a lot of nonsense and it's really pissing me off!!!! but well, I'll try to chill out.

The main thing that i'm writing for it's beacuse I'm thinking of taking the TOEFL test, because I want to go to canada for a period (semester) but I'm a little bit nerveous about my grammar and that stuff.
I just find out that a friend of mine went out to canada with 8.3 in the cardex, that would be like mmm B- or something like that :S
and the last semester I went to ask and they told me that I have to have (i'm not sure if that's ok) 9.0 in my cardex that would be like an A- I think, but the difference it's that she already have the TOEFL test pass , so that's why I'm trying to save the money it costs around 150 us dlls and that's a lot of money for me, so what do you think? should I take the test? leave your opinion please it's importante to me, well I have to go now the big lady it's driving me nuts...

take care and part on! I'm not gonna post in spanish because two main reasons:
1.- The big lady it's driving me nuts
2.- She 's gonna close now.

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nathaniel dijo...

well i thinnk you should take the test, i mean i've always wanted to study abroad, and i still want to, only i want to go to the UK, they are not as demanding as tne univ. in spain so, i'll give it a shot.....mmmm maybee that means i too have to take the toefl test huh, well i'll see what i can do mate!, take care and gut luck, gambatte!

dIãNiTz dijo...

hey hey!! well.. i personally think that you should take the test.. i mean.. for what i can tell, you can actually write pretty well.. but you should also consider how you're doing in the other parts of the test.. like listening, reading comprehension and all.. i think you'll do just fine, just let me know when you're gonna do it and where.. 'cause i'm also thinking of taking it as well as the delf.. (if i remember correctly that's what it's called) .. which is like the toefl but for french.. well.. take care.. see u at school =)